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Will my images be used on your web site?

This is entirely up to you. Most clients want to be published on Instagram and other social media platforms. Others want there images  to stay private and  not be displayed in our  portfolio . This is an individual thing and we will respect your wishes on what you decide. Pease let us know what your preference is and we will follow your instrcutions Only with your consent will we display your images in anyway. Every client will be asked to sign a Release form before the photo shoot that specifies whether to keep images private or not. Any image you see on our website is a past client of The Vintage Bedroom who signed a release form granting us permission to use images..

How long does a shoot last?

Depending on what shoot you book. The Deluxe Portfolio Package  and The Deluxe Goddess Package allow for a full day of approximately 4 to 5 hours. The Standard 2 image Burlesque, Boudoir, Fashion, Pin Up shoot allow approximately 2 to 3 hours

What outfit sizes do you have?

Our magical wardrobe worth over $50,000 boasts a marvellous range of beautiful attire ( Retro Swimwear, Lingerie, Designer Dresses, Nautical Pin Up Outfits, Wigs, Disney Character outfit’s including an spectacular realistic Hollywood mermaid tail , Giant Heart shapes , Props and modern style designers garments too) in sizes 6 to 20
When you book a shoot . We require you book for a wardrobe fitting two week before your shoot . So we can arrange the dream shoot for you.

Who is the photographer?

All our work is carried out by Liana taylor , an very experienced and highly qualified female photographer – she does all the photography and editing. She’s very approachable and friendly. On wardrobe fitting day you can discuss any questions and requests about your shoot with Liana..

What if I want my image re edited ?

If you approve the final picture and you would like it changed substantially. The Cost is $50 + GST re-editting per image, No Hidden Costs.

Can I buy all the raw and unedited images?

Raw un-edited images are not for sale. We never sell raw images or USB’s of all the images we take of a client, so please do not get offended if you ask and we say no to any such request.This is The Vintage Bedrooms policy.

Can I order prints, Canvas prints etc?

Yes, You can or you can arrange this yourself using the digital files we give you with your images.

Do you sell gift vouchers ?

Yes we do! We design vouchers complete a personalised design that includes the recipient’s name.Contact us to purchase a voucher for any of out packages.

How soon after the session can i view my images?

One to two weeks after your portrait session you will be invited for a slideshow viewing on the big screen. In this time you get to choose your images. It then takes approximately four-five weeks from the end of your viewing for your amazing images to be ready for collection..

Who owns the copyright on my photos?

The copyright for all photos remains that of The Vintage Bedroom

How do I prep for my photo shoot?

The Vintage Bedroom Photo shoot preparation

How do I book?

The Vintage Bedroom booking process

What payment plans do you have?

The Vintage Bedroom booking payment plan