Liana taylor Specialising in portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography.



Liana Taylor Photographer

Specialising in portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography. Fully qualified Photographer  and make up artist , Web developer.

Liana Taylor was born in Whangarei, a small town in New Zealand, She found it to be much too small, insular and un-developed for her visions, social networks, and career opportunities. She moved to Australia in about 2000 and settled first on the Gold Coast in Queensland and then in Sydney. Over the past 20 years Liana has had a variety of careers, ranging from selling high-end real estate to indulging her love of glamour in her Eastern Suburbs hair salon. All of her previous career paths and experiences have shaped the photographer she is becoming today.

Liana Taylor who is who renowned for her photography in boudoir and fashion work . Will guide you through all the poses and facial expression the entire time.



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